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    WylieCat and myself went to Mtn. Island this morning to scout for some good locations to catch some Ark. Blues for an upcoming event to be held there. We got started a little after 7:30 AM and had very little wind and little or no current. Water temp. was in the low 50's and water was stained. We decided to anchor in several spots to see what kind of bite we could develope. We had gizzard shad, thread fin shad, white perch and a special bait that Capt. Ron Howard gave us last night at the Carolinas Catfish Club meeting.

    We first spot we stopped at we got an 18.10 pound blue and an 8+ pound blue, plus a striper. Next hole offered us a dink and the last two places nothing but a couple of tugs.

    We thank Capt. Ron very much for the bait he gave us and without it we would not have caught a single fish.
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    Nice cat, I don't know what type of structure you like to fish so I don't know if this will help at all or not but here is a good spot I had some luck at. Right at the head of the lake the river takes a hard left hand turn from the main body of water. if you anchor close to the left hand side of the river right at the bend your boat will be facing a sharp drop off to the channel from 10 ft of water down to about 32 ft. I don't know about the water levels on the lake right now but that area held a lot of decent sized fish the last time I was down there.

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    nice looking blue u got there mac
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    Fun trip!! I had a good time with LakeNormanBlues out on MIL today. I think it will be a mad dash to the "honey hole" next weekend!!

    Good bait Ron. Funny though, Mac made me use mine and he kept his for the tournament!!!! :big_smile: I will catch some more in Lake Wylie tomorrow. :wink:

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    Nice fish! Hope ya'll do well in the tourney!!