Scottsburg Reservoire Inhabitants

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    My favorite and most often fished hole is the Scottsburg Indiana Reservoire.

    Recently it has come to my attention that it was stocked with some breeds that I've never seen in there before. The state decided to drop in Pike and Walleye. That rounds out the variety of critters in there to the following to my knowledege

    Blue Gill
    Red Ear
    Rock Bass
    Flat Heads
    Blue Cat
    Snakes (species believed to be cotton mouth)
    Frogs(wide variety)
    Sanpping Turtles
    Soft Shell Turtles
    (Alligator Snapping Turtle)(rumored)
    (albino boa or python)(rumored)
    Musk Rat have been seen there but very rarely

    As for the non-water dwelling critters in the woods surrounding...
    Pretty much anything you can see anywhere else in southern Indiana.
    Also rumored big foot and a were wolf lol
    and on the shallow side of the road divied lake a local legend of a woman in white.
    I think people get drunk and think they see alot of things in the fog that is often present late at nite out there. lol