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    Riverside, CA
    just out of curiosity, even though they are a poisionious bait to use live especially anyone that has fished in a dry desert enviorment, fished with live or dead/frozen scorpions? dont ask where i came up with the idea, call me crazy but here it goes:embarassed:
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    Speaking of scorpions;you remind me of the Venom ER story that showed actors playing the two young men that were out and about in the California Desert area. I am going to presume it was around LomaLinda CA. Anyway,they happened upon a rather large Southern Pacific Rattler. The young men decided they were going to catch this snake.To make a long story short,the young man who was driving received a vicious bite and he nearly died before getting to Medical Attention and even after Dr Bush began treatment he had his parents come in and say their goodby's because as a doctor he truly felt this young man was going to pass.I would hope you are not a daredevil young man. As far as using Scorpions for bait,no I have not done that. When I lived out there in California I had them in my house and I used insect spray and killed them. Good Catfishing to ya,and please forgive my female ramblings.I'm just a BOC Sister that deeply cares about her BOC family!~~~~~~~~~~Sister Pat:big_smile:

  3. r_p_narramore

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    East KY
    I don't see why it wouldn't work. But there are probably better baits that would be easier to catch. If we had them around here, I'd probably try them.
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    Why be embarrassed?At least you know you are crazy.Most nuts go through life and never know.Many are elected to public office before the public learns about it.You would not believe how many people holler"Catching anything"as they ride by while this cripple is trying to practice casting in his front yard.A few ask"what are you fishing for"?I holler back "Grass Carp and fools".One said Did you catch any".I said"just fools".He said he would "whip me if I wasn;t in a wheel chair".I offered him the loan of my other wheelchair so that he could "have at it".He declined.A honest whipping every now and then would be a nice change when you are confined.Water and Fish were always a lot harder to find than bait in any "dry desert environment" that I was ever in.What fish you can find are usually very small and on the "Endangered species" list.I believe I remember reading where most of those were "Killed off" by the experts that were saving them.The last were left confined and exposed by their "official U.S.government guards and keepers while they were all gone on R & R.I think they were not held responsible because they were just collage educated and trained adults of legal age.You might check with them and volunteer to dispose of the "Lost" Pup Fish.They should be well dried out by now.I know where I came up with this response.I got it from the Government telling us how they are spending our money to save our endangered species.What type of "dry desert environment" fish do you hope to catch? I have heard of "Sand Perch"and "Rock Bass". I hear they now have Walking Catfish in Florida.I once got stung playing with a little bitty Scorpion I found in South Florida while looking for Coral snakes.Painful.I hear those desert ones are "souped Up" when it comes to stinging.Keep us informed.You sound very interesting.You might even make the news if they find you.I love you brothers and sisters.peewee
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    south carolina
    let me know how it turns out for you mickey. i am out here in yuma and i have had a few run ins with the creepy crawlys out here. i am in no way shape or form afraid of them, but i do know that most ihngs out here that crawl around either bite, sting, or secrete smelly liquid that could gag a maggot. so if you are willing to try and use scorpions i am willing to let you and see how you do with them. good luck and let us know how well it goes.
  6. south_va_fisherman

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    Muddy Cross, Virginia
    i dont see why not. if scorpions live near by they, one will fall in the water at sometime or another, leaving a meal for the fish. i dont think the poisin willg et them, because ive seen a small water mocisan swallowed by a big ol bass.