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anyone been fishing the Sciota.......from columbus down to the Ohio??
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Yep. Under the Route 22 bridge in Circleville, there are monster flatheads and some dude pulled out a 42 lb channel out of there a while ago. Also, if you are one of the few who like gar, the 104 bridge is awesome for those.

Take care. :)
i find gar a nuisance..........all they do is get my hopes up and steal my bait..............ive personally never fished sciota but will be next summer when i can get back to the ohio area...........i love fishing the muskingum and dillon u know anyother spots i should try relatively close to columbus ???on the sciota..................thanks for any advice brothers
A 42lb channel? Are you sure it was a channel? If so, that's 5lbs over state record.
just fished under the 22 bridge tonight did catch anthing but my buddy pulled in 3 nice channels. he was ussing cut shad the cats where around 4 to 5 pounds .. i would like to know what those flat heads are hitting off of. would bluegills be a good choice?
i would use blue gill live, or if u wanna spend a lil money go to ur local baitshop and buy the biggest goldfish that they have........i would try both actually
thanks alot bassmassey........... i went again tonight but left somwhat early after lossing atleast five hooks to snags and the fact i couldnt see. it just wasnt my night i was in it bad befor i got there. i forgot glow sticks so i couldnt watch a bobber so i tried fishing the bottom that just lead me to snags.oh well when i get the chance im gonna head back up there and try again mybe in the spring this was pretty much my last weeknd left to fish so i thought id go to the spill way at deer creek tomorrow night
I told you to buy glow sticks.. now if you would have listend to me it wouldn't have happend.. im NEVER taking you fishing with me again
i told you not to let me forget its all your fault
I'm going to try for some flatheads this sunday. My step-dad works for the columbus wastewater treatment plant. He has told me that they always see big cats where the warm water discharge comes out of the plant. I was wondering if anyone could give some advice. I will try to buy some frozen shad from the bait store or maybe a frozen skipjack. I was also thinking of stopping at the pet store and buying some goldfish. Then again I might hit the local pond saturday evening for some gills. What would be the recommended sizes to use.
Mathersm everyone Ive asked said the bigger the better, even the littlens go for the big bait.
Well we hit the spillway on oshaunesy sp?. Didn't get any bites. I caught quite a few nice sized gills and shad for bait. I also caught 7 smallies and a crappie. One of the gills i netted was 1lb 2 ounces. I also caught a shad at 13 inches in length. I tried all different sizes of bait with no luck. i went to the petstore nearby to get some goldfish. They were very pricy. The cheap ones at 26cents were no longer that 2 inches. The only 4 inch plus gills they had were specialty goldfish at 26$ a piece.
yeah you need to hit the baitshop for goldies.......around Ohio they're usually about $9 a pound....
I tried to hit the local baitshop but for some reason they closed an hour early. Pending on the weather I hope to try again this weekend.
did you guys catch any of that snow storm that went through west virginia??
Not here in central ohio but I know it sleeted in Logan ohio.
Not sure if you have ever been to Fishermans Warehouse off of Williams Rd. but they usually have a nice selection of koi, goldfish, chubs, and israle carp. Good luck on the Scioto, the weather is getting nasty fast.
I was just at that fishermans warehouse and they do have a lot of stuff. I agree the weather is getting nasty fast so it's all deer hunting for a while!!
Supposed to be sunny and mid to upper fifties this weekend. Then 62 on monday. I have not been to fishermans wharehouse in a long time but I know where it is. Do you think goldies would work better than live shad and gills?
they would stay alive longer....and probally be more lively......
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