Scenic City Weekend Cat Report & Pics (7-21, 22 & 23)

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    Scenic City Fishing Charters had a busy weekend, and a fun weekend, chasing cats below Chickamauga Dam in Chattanooga, TN (where else and what else?). Friday night I got to fish with Kevin Johnson and his girlfriend Angela from Nashville. They each nailed some good fish, blues and channels, topped by a 21 lb. blue that Angela tagged. She's a little lady and for a short while I feared for my fishing rod , but after a few tense minutes she put him in the boat. That was just before we got run off the water by a big storm that roared through at sundown.
    Saturday was spent on the water with Drew Smith from the Cleveland (Tenn.) Daily Banner newspaper. The big fish bite turned on for me and Drew (once he got out of bed ). I caught a 15# and a 20# before he got there. After he arrived we had to fish some long and hard hours for just a few bites but they yielded a 10#, an 18#, a 35# and a 43#. Sadly I made another of my infamous bad grabs and broke the 35 (est. weight) at the boat, but we "laid hands on him." I enjoyed getting my picture made with the 43#... I'm used to taking other folks' pictures. Drew also stuck another LARGE fish that sadly got him under a rock or log and snapped a 40 lb. leader. I know one thing... if a guide wants to have a good day, you want it to be with an outdoor writer. I think Drew is going to put his spin on the story in Thursday's Cleveland Daily Banner. (Just the facts please Mam, just the facts).
    Sunday was spent with the Langstaff clan from Charleston, TN. Sadly the big fish bite turned off. I suspect being on the back side of the cool front that moved through Saturday did us in. Woe was me. Steve did tag a 16 lb. fish... nothing to sneeze at and it was his PB fish (Personal Best), so it wasn't all bad. Finished out the day with the Langstaffs chasing "regular-sized" cats at the Dam and enjoyed watched the father and two sons "triple" on good blues.

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    Nice fish. That 43 pounder is awesome. Sleek and lean. I've got to get over that way once and fish there. Thanks for the report.