Scenic City Update & Cool Catfish Video

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    Last Friday me and David Haun took an "exploratory" venture on Nickajack Lake near Jasper, Tenn. A BEAUTIFUL cool, calm day on the water... as DHaun said, "one of the most relaxing days on the water in a while." Except when were occasionally interrupted by catfish. If we counted right, we put eleven fish in the boat. Of course we each missed a few real good runs. They ranged in size from a couple of dinks, several in the 10-pound-plus class, topped by a couple pushing 20-pounds. All fish were DEEP... 63 to 74 feet.

    Sunday had a fine day with Jody Smith, his Dad, Henry, and Uncle "D" from Canton, GA. They went home with a cooler full of blues (were wishing they'd brought a bigger one)... and we released a BUNCH! We didn't count... Jody figured we caught 30-to-40 fish. Started fishing about 7:30 and it was slow... no, not "slow. The bite in and around Harrison Bluff area was nonexistent... not so much as a bump! I was getting worried. But the fish downlake were on... and kept getting better as the day wore on.

    And check out a pretty cool video Henry Lehman shot of his son, Sterling, battling a 30-pound-plus fish. You'll find it, of course, at Scenic City Fishing Charters.

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    GC, OHIO
    Nice fish, thanks for posting the pics. Awesome!!

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    You all caught some nice fish there! Congrates hope to get back at it soon.
    Thanks for sharing!