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    Sorry for the late reports. It's been a busy week and I've got some catching up to do. Three reports in one here.

    Monday (June 2)
    I hit the headwaters of Nickajack Lake for a Quick Trip with the Brittingham Family. Robert (holding fish) wanted to get his Dad out, but truth was they all had great fun. We sort of had to work for our fish on this morning. But we stuck with it and managed to put a few fish in the boat. Tops was 16 pounds.

    Thursday (June 5)
    John Hillman moved to Chattanooga from Louisiana a couple years ago and hasn't really "learned the water" yet. He wanted his boys, 6-year-old Hudson and 3-year-old Michael, to catch some bluegill. We managed to find a passle of bull bream. It was an absolute blast for me because these youngsters were beside themselves with excitement. They just absolutely loved it. I made them quit bluegill fishing a while and make two drifts for catfish. The cats were hot and in just two drifts we had four quality fish... tops 16 pounds. Hudson fought that fish like a demon. In tailwaters of course I use light tackle, 8 lb. test, and I was worried about losing my rod a time or two, but Hudson held on and got that horse in the boat. As soon as he did he said, "I want to go catch some more bluegill." Hudson is going to be a hardcore angler. He cried when we had to quit. :) It was a wonderful morning which of course reminds me why life is good and gettin' better every day!

    Saturday (June 7)
    Hit the water today with Randy and Reed Johnson. This is the third time the Johnsons have fished with me and they bring good luck with them every time. Randy's big fish to-date with me was 48 pounds. Today, after a real slow start, Dad almost beat him. The fish actually hit in a spot I don't normally catch big fish... I call it my "10-Pound Hole" because most fish I catch there will be 8-12 lbs. An occasional big one will show up, but never as big as the 45-pounder Reed nailed this morning. We knew it was a good fish because it took Reed a LONG time to move him off the bottom. But when he blew bubbles and surfaced I was shocked. Reed thought sure he'd beat Randy's 48... but the big guy need to have eaten two more big skipjack. He sure was a pretty fish... dark as he could be top-to-bottom. We couldn't coax another big one so we broke out the light tackle and headed after some "eaten' fish." The Johnsons usually count on a big fish fry after they go with me. (No pressure though <grin> ) The fish were on fire today. Not a whole lot of real big size, but they were apparently desperate for fresh chicken breast. The Johnsons carried home about 100, maybe 120 pounds of 3-10 pound fish... and they let a couple of bigger ones go. I'm not sure if I'll get invited to the fish fry or not but no matter... because life is good and gettin' better every day!

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    Richard, nice fish, glad you and your clients had a good time!