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    I thought I would share some information that may be helpful to you or someone you know. More importantly, most of us are of course consumers but also have a debit card, check card or credit card and make purchases. Even though I work for a processor, I'm certainly still at risk for fraud just like everyone else. Many merchants (large and small) store (Track II) data on their POS systems, this would be the information on the magnetic strip on the back of your card. Unfortunately, this is not within compliance with MasterCard or Visa and if a Hacker gets a hold of the Track II data they can create a card with your information. Many merchants are told by Vendor's that they are not storing (Track II) data when in fact they are. MasterCard/VI automatically charges the merchant 30,000 for the audit and additional fines for any stolen card information used. If you are a small merchant this would put you out of business quickly. Any PC software may be at risk if it unknowingly stores Track II data. The website I've attached shows a listing of companies that have experienced data breaches because the personal information compromised includes data elements useful to identity thieves, such as Social Security numbers, account numbers, and driver's license numbers. It is shocking to see names of companies you may have done business with.
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    thanks for the information thats a real eye opener.

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    Good info, thanks Deanna.
    That list is mighty long. :big_smile:

    Guess we been pretty lucky, been using credit cards since 1986 when Discover came out with the first cash back card. Never had a problem... but have purchased couple items over the years that never got charged to our account. That was back before the retailers had direct hookups.
    Now days we seldom use any cash or checks. Wife keeps a good watch on our account, she usually checks it every day online. Also the credit card people are good to call if something looks fishy.
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    Thanks Deanna! Looks like a lot of colleges have been hit! :crazy:
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    Thanks for the valuable information. Looks like the universities and healthcare facilities are the most popular! There were several i was familiar with-pretty scary. Thanks again