Scary Dip/Dough Bait

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    Original post made by Bruce K Staggers(Story Teller) on September 2, 2004

    i have a dip/dough bait that is both scary in the way that catfish are attracted to it. and stink soo bad that you can't get near it. . i have caught many catfish in the 30 and 40lb. range, and i live in chicago.......

    10-15 large earthworms (let die and spoil)
    5-6 bluegill (guts only)
    3 shad
    1 tbsp garlic powder
    1/2 c. sour buttermilk
    1/4 c. corn meal
    mix this outside of your home. the smell is sickening.
    in a blender that you'll throw away. blend all indegredents except, flour. pour wet mixture into a large bowl. add flour until it's consistency is what you would need for a dip or dough bait. store in a large pickle jar and tight lid...put into refrigerator until needed.
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    Sounds like an easy recipe. I just picked up an old blender this morning at the flea market for $1.00. I guess I will be playing chef boy robbie today :rolleyes: .
    Thanks Bro....