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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by FlatGetter, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. FlatGetter

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    I have scalled my bait last year, I think it gives off more scent and it does make it more attracting to flatheads. It makes your bait want to sit on the bottom though. I like having a bait thats active. What do you think attracts more Flatheads a active bait giving off more viberations or a bait with more scent dispursing?
  2. catmanofohio

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    Scent. If i were you like on a gill only scrape off a few scales from one side this way it gives out scent and vibrations while SWIMMING around... keep us updated on results

  3. Drum Andersen

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    I usually make small cuts on the sides of chubs and green sunfish, drives the flatheads wild.
  4. Mountain Cur

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    Originally we started scraping scales from bait fish to increase thier stress level, making them seem to have been "hit" by another feeding fish, which will trigger other fish to feed (theoreticly). I'm sure the smell of the bait would be enhanced (stress level/adrenaline). I clip a pectoral fin from a large blue gill which makes them swim more erratic, seems to work. An injured fish probably can be "smelled" much farther away than a healthy one. If you scrape the side of the fish and they lay on the bottom, technically you have ""deafened"" or ""blinded"" the fish and they can't relate to thier surroundings, don't scrape the lateral line. Scrape the belly or along the dorsal fin and you will notice they will stay active.
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    Great point! Thanks for the reminder.
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    ive been waiting for some one to talk about scaleing bait fish.some people wont belive this but i have seen flatheads nibble at bait fish.the bites come just like a little fiddeler channel cat.i am convinced that some if not all flat heads blow the scales off fish like crappie and perch before they eat them.if you fish with floats below a dam for a while you will notice this happening.i have tried scaleing bait before hooking it up aand have not had as much luck as i have had with the scales left on. i dont think big flatheads hunt by scent i think they can sense distress in a wounded fish. which is what we do when we stick a 10/0 hook in a bait fish. my opinions are like my arm pits to most people they stink.