SC vs CC?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by Mudbug007, Jun 16, 2009.

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    I'm looking at a new v-cat and trying to get some ideas on how to rig it out. I noticed that some of you on here prefer the SC over the CC's.

    I was wondering why that is?

    I'm a big ole boy as they say, and I hate the listing to the right that some of my previous boats have done when I fish alone.

    I've never owned a center console, but understand they give a dryer ride in rough situations. I'm looking forward to staying dry in the Winter!

    Anyway, I'd like to know your thoughts/preferences on center consoles vs side console boats.


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    I personally hate center consoles because of the space issue. Even on the 20+ foot fiberglass center consoles i've been on, they just seem to take up so much daggone room. On a jon boat, or any smaller boat, they seem to me that they're hard to get around, especially if you are a "big ole boy" as you say. I'm 6' and 250, but maybe my big feet have more to do with it than anything. And dont have somebody fishing off one side and expect somebody else to get by that person. If you're worried about the listing to one side, get you a fishing buddy, or put all your gear on the other side of the boat. Side consoles just dont seem to take up as much space because you get that big open floor in the middle of the boat.
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    I PREFERR A CC myself my last 3 boats were cc my first aluminum boat was a side console ,but at that time i fished saltwater all the time just started fresh water ,u will get [damper ]with the sc verses the cc .If u know some people that have simular boats [cc an sc] see if they will take u for a ride an see for yourself which u prefer ,we can tell u what we like but u r buying the boat not us :wink:
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    Only complaint I have of my SC is I can only fish out of one side. Cooler, bait, net and other stuff always goes in front of the console so you don't have to zig zag while walking from the front to the back of the boat. That pretty much makes the entire middle of the boat on that side unusable for fishing. No problem when I am alone or one other person. But gets crowded with 3 or 4 people trying to fish off one side.
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    I much prefer the center console. It's more along the lines of a work boat setup instead of a pleasure boat setup.
    The space is better utilized.

    But of course I build them. I build a console for the boat and the need.
    I don't have to settle for whatever somebody feels my needs are with a cookie cutter console.
    Just big enough for a wheel and throttle or large enough to house the pisser.
    Whatever the need. Whatever the "program" of the boat dictates.

    Putting the material list and pricing together right now for a 22' X 8.5' footer.
    Somebody will wind up with a nice boat.
    I'm going to build it for me but I know how that goes. Everything I own is for sale at any time.

    If you got back problems definatley a center console with a standup console.
    Instead of your spine taking the beating your legs and knees act like shock absorbers. I prefer a leaning rail or either a captains chair that will fold into a leaning seat.

    Other then that, I'm partial to the lobster boat style with a wide open rear deck, hard top wheel house, and forward v berth.

    Did I mention bilgeless? I never intend to own another boat with a bilge.
    Washdown decks only. The first step to building an unsinkable boat.
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    I converted mine to CC last year and haven't for a minute missed the side console. Nothing wrong with the SC, but I mainly run the river at night and it's a lot easier to stand up to see in front when the steering wheel and throttle are at the right height:big_smile:

    I also like not having to work around the console when fighting a fish.