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Saw something interesting today

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Went fishing today with my dad at the lake . After about 10 minutes when we got to our spot we see a tiny lil channel swimming on top of the water and we noticed a lil growth on him but with a closer look that growth ended up being a 4 foot long cottonmouth that had bit into the fish's head . The snake would bring the cat onto the shore and try to turn the cats head and then he would go back down in the water . The whole thing lasted like 20 minutes before the fish somehow swam away and left a very mad and hungry snake to go cry in a corner . The fish was no more than 7-10 inches long and we never saw the fish again or the snake

Fishing was real slow today for us but my dad did land 2 channels the first one was 3 lbs and the second one was close to 6 lbs . He also caught a tiny bass and i had a tiny bass on but he got off . We were fishing with large minnows about 2 - 3 inches long and fished them 4 - 5 feet down under a bobber .
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hmm that is interesting. it would be neat to see.
i hate cottonmouths, they aint like a rattler and give ya some yea that woulda been cool too watch..
Thats odd being a cottonmouth is poisonous the cat should have been dead. You sure of the type of snake? I ask because they're several water snakes across this country.
It looked like this guy
Cept this one was a lil bit longer and had a bigger head

This was the time i really wish we had a digital camera to take pics because even after seeing it i still dont believe i saw it
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A Banded Water snake looks almost the same but its longer and non-poisonous, that why I asked.

I've had a few swim up to my boat at night but when I tried to catch them they darted off.
Aint that the truth. It's funny listening to people tell you every snake they see in the water is a cottonmouth.
Wow, that's cool. Saw (what I think) was a little cottonmouth (14") with a minnow hanging out of it's mouth earlier this summer.
Just keep them Snakes in your area ...

I dont like any snake let alone a Posionous one ....
Thanks for the info. and the lesson on snakes. :eek:
Interesting...I have seen that done but the snake won.
im with bull head, keep your snakes. great story thx for sharing.
I agree with riverrat. it was a cottonmouth seem like to me that fish would have die. Note! not all water snakes are posionous.
well i have a couple stories to add about snakes.
me and old rythymroach was fishing the dam at clinton lake when his boy caught a l/m bass on night crawler. as be pulled it into the rocks at the shore a 18" or so water snake grabbed it by the side and latched on. the bass was 15" or so. not sure how a dime sized snake planned on eating it but anyway.

also was out back one day by the goldfish pond and seen a snake. thought cool. hope he stays around and eats the bugs. then i sat thinking he may eat my frogs. then he went into the water and began snapping at my koi. well to say the least i relocated him rather quickly to the country. just not one of them snake killers myself.
I have seen this happen with dead sand bass. but nothing live. It was neat to watch the snake grab the fish get it up on a floating dock about 15 feet from us eat it and back in the water.
Well ain't that somethin. You don't need a TV to watch Discovery channel. :lol:
I was fishing a Texas lake years ago when I was in the service. We were bank fishing and had some channels on a stringer. Went to put another one on, and when I pulled up the stringer there was a snake about 4ft hanging off of one of the fish. He had swallowed as much of the fishes head, up to the stringer as he could and got stuck on the cats horns. What a surprise that was. And yes, that was the last grub that snake got to enjoy. :big_smile:
I can't speak for Beau's snake knowledge, but there are a lot of those things in Texas. :crazy: One time when I worked at a lube shop I almost got bit in the arm. I was up under the hood when I caught movement in my eye, looked, and I saw about a two-footer retreating into the firewall backwards with his mouth open, white as a cloud.:eek:oooh: I said, "OH.....MY......GOD!!!" and this guy I worked with says "what?". I said "S-S-S-S-SN-SN-SNAKE!" and we went running. He was about thirty feet away when I told him. I had to go explain to the lady I wouldn't work on her car that day and she understood. No way I was going to risk death or hospital visits over seven dollars an hour.

Either way, if a snake has bitten anything it has lost poison that will take time to remake. I have trouble believing the fish just let the snake swim around with it. It may have been alive but messed up from a little shot of venom.
Oh, and one time I did get bit. I was doing some weedeating at a gun range, and as you know when you weedeat, stuff hits you in the legs. I was on my way home when I noticed a strange itch deep down in my leg. I kept scratching and scratching, and finally peeled my pant leg up to look. My calf was all swolen up and there were two puncture marks about an inch apart. It was not discolored. I showed it to an outdoorsman I knew (who at the time was preparing a hog skin) and he asked what kind of snake bit me. I told him I didn't know and he said either way I was lucky I was wearing jeans, noting that the fangs had to puncture the denim, my knee-high socks and seven layers of "epidermus" before dilvering the poison. And I'd seen on a nature show that so many people don't die from being bit (when it seems like they should because of how deadly the poison is) because the snake doesn't have a full charge of venom. I decided if the swelling went up past mu knee, changed color, or I felt funny in my head in any way, I'd call 911. But I ended up OK.
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