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    We went down to Monroe, La. today to the gun and knife show. There were alot of boats and campers there also. I have been shoping on the internet trying to narrow down the boat I want for my type of fishing and I finally narrowed it down to either a sea ark 16.5 stick steering boat or a war eagle 17.4' stick steering boat. Both have plenty of storage etc. but I like the longer length. War Eagle is the only aluminum boat manufacturer that I can find that still makes a stick steering boat in a 17ft length.

    I fish by myself alot and I have a bum leg so I don't need to be moving about the boat very much, and with the stick steering this will eliminate that plus I like to do other fishing besides catin' so this, I think, will be the best boat for me. It will allow me to fish with yo yo's, trotline, bream, crappie and bass fish too.

    My wife likes to fish for whatever will take the bait, but sometimes my bait choice isn't hers. The War Eagle has two bait keepers in it. One for the front seat and one for the back. It also has a seperated live well, so, if I am going for flatheads and using bream or bigger bait fish I can put them in one side of the live well and other fish I catch to take home and eat I can put in the other live well.

    Has anyone else got a War Eagle and if you do how do you like it?? I would really like to know what ya'll think.