Saw my 83 year old mama yesterday.

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    She just recently got back from Key West para sailing! I asked her if I could borrow her Ambassadeur 5500. NO WAY said she. She said her reel and her tennis racket were two items she would NOT loan! Supposed to take her bream fishin' soon, so maybe I can sweet talk her out of her reel, but I doubt it! :) Said she might go to Hatteras and pull some blues with it. I have a pair of 6000s, and a pair of 6500 'Blue Cats', and one 5500 that was my dads, and I told mom I need a matching pair of 5500s. She said, "Go buy one." LOL, Spunky ol' gal, eh?
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    Glad to hear that you got to see your mama again and sorry to hear that your mama wouldnt let ya borrow the reel hopefully she will take you with her and you will be able to use her pole.

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    She sounds like one keckofa woman! Hope that I"m gettin' round as well as she is when I'm 83. And don't you dare try to talk your dear, sweet mama out of her reel: you're a full-growed man, dog - you best be buyin' your own :smile2: