Saving Surf fished or dunked reels.

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    In my 7 1/2 years of living a block and a half from the beach,my young sons kept me busy trying to keep up and maintain their Surf fishing reels of all types.Spin cast,spinning and various Penns.No level winds thankfully.Whether dunked or salt spray,salt along with grit gets inside and usually is pretty well dried out on everything inside by the time it is brought home.Also,I was not always home when the reels were brought home.Following the instructions and directions for rinsing is great and helps,but it is no help for what is dried out and stuck inside your reel.Many of you saltwater fishermen know what I am talking about.I found that repeated dunking in a bucket of freshwater with a hose running in it or changing the water several times helped more.I remembered my navy training and our many uses for "Distilled or De-mineralized"water.I had free access at the time to distilled water,I tried soaking them in the distilled water 4-8 hours after dunking and draining the fresh tap water bath.The distilled water will absorb the salts as Distilled water has a affinity for minerals.Given enough time,it will absorb enamel or granite.It is known as the words most perfect solvent.I saw a big difference in the corrosion in my reels.If I was at work,the boys would rinse,dunk and drain in a fresh water bucket and then leave the reels soaking in clean distilled water until I could clean the sand out and lube the reels the next morning.When I was working long ours with no days off on shutdowns they would just repeat this every time they used the reels,and I cleaned and lubed when I could.They would take them out to drain and dry between trips.The reels were left on the rods as I had some tall 7 1/2 gallon buckets.You can now buy distilled water in gallon jugs cheaply at the grocery store.If you already have saltwater ,wet or dried inside your reel,clean water caint hurt unless you leave it too long.I believe it saved me much money with corrosion.It will not remove any grit stuck in your lube.This cheep jug of water can do much good for your reels after a saltwater fishing trip.Freshwater immersion is what the manufactures of guns and outboard motors recommend if you submerge their products in saltwater.Just rinsing per the reels instructions was not saving the internal parts of my reels in saltwater.Submersion in clean and distilled water did.Salt water was already in them.This just removes it and its salts.I love you Brothers and Sisters.