Saving energy - It really does work.

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Nobody Special, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Nobody Special

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    I just got my electric bill a couple of days ago and it was about 6% less than the month before. I couldn't figure out why, because it seemed like we used the a/c a lot more this month than the month before. I went down into the garage this morning and there was the answer. About a month ago, I had put a big thick blanket on the water heater and also put a timer on it that cuts off at 10:00pm and back on at 5:00am.

    I had bought the timer years ago and it had never been used and the blanket cost about $16 at Lowes. It looks like it was money well spent.
  2. elphaba7

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    Mo'town, WV
    Great idea, Mark. We have appliances on timers as well, and it does save.

  3. Mutt

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    I sure wish someone would tell the power company here that I am supposed to have a lower bill. My wife works and is gone 12 hours a day I am home maybe 5 hours a day and most of that is sleeping and my power bill has risen an average of 60 per month. It now runs me a average of 420 a month to light my house everything is energy eficient double panes insulated you name it and we are home less then we used to be by at least 8 hours. Oh wait I remember thier answer when I called and complained it was all because of katrina now figure that one out.
  4. Cattracker16

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    Wilton Iowa
    Yep blame everything on the natural disasters. Do you suppose that that timer would work on a gas water heater? i've been thinking of getting a "on demand" water heater just haven't figured out if it'll pay to change out the 50 gal gas water heater
  5. Buddrice

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    I have my water heater on a timer and I also don't have central air.I have a air conditioner in each room and they all have timers which I set to come on a different times of the day.I set the one in the living room to come on at noon and the one in the kitchen to come on at 5:00 and the bed rooms to come on at 6:00 and it has really made a difference in my bill.
  6. astutzman

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    Great ideas. Those water heaters can really drain your bill. My fiancee and I had to get a roommate last year when we moved into our new 2 BR apartment because it was pretty expensive for just the two of us. Well, this kid had some kind of obssessive compulsive disorder and he took three to four hour long showers a day, draining the hot water heater every time. Well, he eventually got kicked out of school, and had to move out. Our highest power bill we've gotten since he moved out was only a quarter of the cost of the ones we were getting while he was still here. We're now actually saving more money in utilities then what he was paying us for rent.
  7. curdog

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    Sheridan, Arkansas
    I need to put a timer on my hot water heater and a blanket too if it will drop my bill 6%.