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    I'm posting this poll just out of curiosity to see what the overall attitude is toward NC waters and our fish. Please vote and feel free to make a post telling how you voted and why. Out of staters welcome.
  2. catfishscotty

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    well i think some restrictions of some kind need to be inplace with today more and more catfisheram then use to be .

    but i feel with all the millions of dollars conservation dept brings in they should of been more agressive years and years ago stocking them.

    just think if they would of started 15 years ago with a stocking program we would not have this bickering and arguing to worry about to the degree we have today !!!!!!!

    i have a fish farm less then 10 miles from me and they raise hundreds of thousands of channels to sell a year out of only 4 ponds about from 1 1/2 acre up to the biggest im guesing 4 acres .

    so i know it wouldnt take up that much land and man power to do this with the auto matic feeders and such .

    and we have a wonderfull fish hatchery in warsaw missouri also .

    so i say stockem stockem stockem :wink:

    just try figuring out how much money they take in a year on fishing and hunting licesne and tickets its in the millions and millions in my state of missouri .

    and hey it would create a job or 2 maybe :big_smile::big_smile: and im sure if they asked be many many volnteers to help