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    Every now and then I take mama to the river to catch some small catfish to eat whole. She likes to fish for the smaller ones cause the action is almost non-stop with I suck it up and go along for the ride. Personally....I dont like to get my hands all dirty with worms !!! Yesterday , i took along a box of crickets and a couple of bream busters and went up Union Creek off the Savannah River. This area of the river is tidal affected but the outgoing tide can be very productive. There is a old railroad tressel that crosses the creek there and it wasnt long before I found a big bed of redbreast bedding up against the old wooden timbers in the water. I anchored off there and mama fished out the back of the boat and caught her a mess of catfish while I spanked those old rooster reds out of the front. Not sure how many I actually caught but I fished up 150 crickets........realeased all of the female redbreast and kept 27 of the biggest rooster males. It was sure a lot of fun and a change of pace to watch that cork go under and the fight those things can put up on a bream pole !!!!
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    Yea foxhound i heard the red breast was biting good in the river. I just havent found them yet lol

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    My kinda fishin'!! :)
    BB in SC