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    does anyone fish for sauger on a river. rumor has it hear in indiana you can catch saugers in the deep holes when the waters cool
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    North Carolina
    These are an odd fish that loves cold water! I actually wouldn't expect them to be overly deep right now. I grew up in Iowa and fished them on the Mississippi River. The best time to locate them is in the late fall/early winter when water temps are really dropping. They start moving up toward dams and spawning areas where they will spawn anywhere from Dec. through Jan. They may have pulled off these spots now...which would make them very hard to find, as they'd be in postspawn conditions. I'm not sure about the waters you fish, but this is how they were on the upper stretches of the Old Miss. After that, you can find a few again after ice out...but mostly walleyes then. In the fall/early winter was really the only time I've hit saugers heavy.