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    Okay guys I want to catch some sauger.I live on the tennessee river and I know nothing about these fish.what I need to know is #1 when do I fish for them?#2 what do I use for bait?#3 I guess whare do I start looking for them?I know they are akin to walleye,should I treat them the same? Thankx for any help I may get. smokey
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    dont know bout all your waters but you can catch sauger all winter picwick last month i saw 2 small ones caught on jigs.i myself like the small curly tail grubs on a jig thats just heavy enough to get me down on the bottom.i like the greens and charteuse in 2 to 3 inch lenghts.if they are not biteing to good i will go to a jig and minnow combination.if im fishing at nite i like a dark purple or black grub.

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    North Carolina
    Since you probably don't freeze up like we did up north, you should be able to fish for them the same way we would in late fall/early winter up north. If you've got a dam, we'd head up to the dam, and then drift fireball jigs with minnows just bouncing them off the bottom. You'll quickly learn were the fish are sitting and where to focus your drift. After you pass through, motor back above and drift back through. Bites tend to be light though, so you need a good sensitive rod and I wouldn't recommend anything above 6# test.

    We used to have a time with them up at Redwing like this. Most of the ones we caught up there were in the 15"-19" range, with a mixed in walleye here or there. If the waters a bit warm, you'll probably hit white bass if they are in the area you fish.
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    In the Ohio river they are hitting good now at the mouth of creeks and dam tail waters.First slack current below a dam might be the best.Minnows are the best bait if you have them but good stringers can be caught on 1/8-1/4 jigs.
    Chartreuse seems to be the best color now but white and other colors work better sometimes.