Saturday Night

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  1. stumphumper

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    Ladson SC
    Had another good night on the Edisto. The bait bite was fast and furious on red worms. Caught 27 (bluegills, redbeast) in a little over an hour. I set up on a deep hole adjacent to a log jam first and caught to flats almost imediately, then nothing for 2 hours. I pulled anchors and moved to a large shoallow run with a small channel running right along the bank about 6' deep. The rest of the night was fairly steady. Ended up with 5 flatheads (4,9,9 1/2, 13,26 lbs), 3 blues (3,7,11 lbs) and 14 channels (1 1/2-6 lbs)

    water temp 83 degrees and dropping fast
  2. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    sounds like a great night on the water, congrats and good luck in the future