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    A couple of buddies and I put the boat in a paines landing saturday night @ around 530pm, we drove around and got an asian carp and started fish @ around 7 pm! We had asain carp, goldeye, shad, and we even cut up some drum to give a try! We fished the flats between dykes, the flats above the channel crossings, and shallow sand flats! We finally gave up @ 4 am, we didn't have a bite all night long! Does anyone have any tips to hand out? We tryed everything we were told to try and caught gets frustating fishing that long, with all the right baits, and in the general area, and not even a bite! I thought maybe the river conditions might have something to do with it, but I heard some people did some good saturday night! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks to all and Good Luck!
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    Everyone tells me that the cats stop biting when the river is dropping.

    And it was droppnig like a rock on Saturday night. (there's a big gap in the data but you can see what was going on)

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    Matt Don't feel Bad Man I fish the Missouri Up river in Iowa and My luck has been the same as yours> Bad Bad Bad and I can most always catch something but Not latly. Anyway I think This next month Sept. will be better. I have a good friend that hs been having some luck and he's been picking up a fue Flatheads on the sand bars above the front of wing dikes in the shallows at night on live Bluegills. Don't give up! Your Friend and Brother From Iowa J.D.Straka :big_smile: PS Pulled of the river sat night and went to Greenvally lake and got a limit of channel cat between #5 and #10 pounds on Bluegill filets and heads Shure helped the old Ego. Try a lake and do some Drifting!