Saturday night fishing report

Discussion in 'ARKANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by 8898dan, Jun 27, 2006.

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    Me and some friends set some trotlines on Fourch Lafave near Bigelow (where it hits the Arkansas river) saturday night. The bite was slow, but we ended up catching some real big ones. We only caught 15 fish - most of them 3-7 pounds but we caught a 16# blue, 22# flathead, 23#flathead, and one that bottomed my scales out (they are only 25#scales) I estimate it was around 40#. By far the biggest cat Ive ever caught. There was no current in Fourche and very little in the Arkansas. I experimented with a new technique as well. There was no moon so it was a really dark night so I got to thinking about how those flatheads would probably bite better if they could see as well as smell their bait. I was using small bream. So, I tied one of those glo-sticks on one of the trotlines about in the middle of it. Well - the 40# was caught within 10 feet of it. I don't know if this made a difference at all, but you can bet im going to experiment some more with it. It also got me thinking about attaching one of those small glo stick like you use on a bobber to my line whenever Im pole fishing for flatheads. I'm going to try it. Have any of yall ever done anything like that? Oh yeah - the color of the glo stick was green.
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    Dan, Good catch, I am sure you had a good time. I would like to be there fishing with a rod.

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    Sounds like a great time. Congrats on the catch.
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    Hey Dan thanks for the report. Sounds like a pretty good night to me. Glow sticks uh? Might be something to it.