Saturday Chickahominy River report

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    Scoured the weather reports hoping for a break that never came. Finally decided "to heck with it" - set the clock for midnite and hit the road for the Morris creek boat ramp. The wind was forecast to lay down for the night and pick up again about noon. I figured I could get bait quick in Morris Creek and get a good day of fishing in before the wind picked up - otherwise it wouldn't be worth the drive.

    I was on the water setting the gill net by 2:15. Let 'er set for 15 minutes - nothin. Anothe set - nothing. And again and again and again. At 7:00 a.m I finally headed to the main river to actually go fishing. Yes you read it right - 4 hours and 45 minutes for THREE LOUSY SHAD!! I couldn't believe it. Those suckers disappeared. To make matters worse, while the gill net was in the water I just tooled around throwing my cast net. Well - the handline loop wasn't tight enough and I tossed that sucker right to the bottom of a 25 foot hole. It was a brand new net too!!

    Luckily, a couple of hours later I marked a huge mass of shad in a main river wintering hole. I set the gill net on an adjacent flat and had more bait than I could stand. Just in time too. I only had a piece or two left of the original three.

    On to the report. I got my baits set out in the first hole and almost immediately had a rod go down. Then another, and another. The bite was definitely on. I fished about 4 holes within a mile of each other for the entire day (until the wind ran me off the water at 2:00 pm). Didn't keep track of the smaller fish, but I put in the ballpark of a dozen fish in the teens and 20s, two 30s, a 36 and a 44 in the boat. I also lost a lot of baits to fish not taking the bait completely. Most were good aggressive runs. I think I may experiment with stinger hooks.

    Water temp was 50 in morris creek and 49 on the main river channel.