Saturday at Oak Hollow Lake

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    On Saturday I took out a two young men on Oak Hollow Lake, This would be the last trip for Dillon because he is moving to Louisiana, I took him out for one last time before he left with his friend Nate. Fishing was slow for us but Dillon did manage to get a hook up on a nice 5lb cat.

    I also ran into BOC member David Malloy (aka Riddleofsteel) and his son hunter. I did manage to get a picture of Dave landing a nice cat, I’m sure he won’t mind I post it.

    Over all the lake was slow action for me and the drifts were fair at best till later in the day. We had a good rainstorm the night before which raised the lake as much as ¼ inch. The lake is down some 21inches.

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    I was HOT out there Saturday. When we had a breeze the drifts were decent. The shad were thick as flies, as usual. Most of the Blues we caught were almost exactly 5 lbs. We began to suspect we were catching the same fish over and over.


    We got a bunch of strong bites that would cut our bait in half or mangle it but the hook ups were difficult.

    Many thanks to Jeff, aka ncfowler for sharing his drift rig techniques and knowledge of the lake with us when he took us both fishing in his rig last week.


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    hey man i think ive almost got this site understood thnks for helping me and talking me throught this:wink: