Saturday 12/3 report

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    My buddy and I went out early this morning. First let me tell you, the outgoing tide was in full forace at 6:30AM. There must have been a thousand tree limbs and logs all over the river- i guess from the river flodding out west finally making it's way down here... Couldnt get the boat up on a plane between Osborne Landing and the 295 bridge b/c of all the trash...a guide with a gill net gave us a bunch of shad up in the creek leading to behind the Dutch Gap Power plant... Started fishing around the pilings by the 295 bridge. A couple boats were out tehre fishing them pretty hard. only saw one guide pick up a fish there...think he said it was a 45 pounder. Next we headed up into Deep Bottom...saw another guide pick up a 35 pounder just to the left of the boat landing in there...we didnt mark a thing on our fishfinder we headed down to Turkey Isand...still didnt mark much, but threw our lines out for a while up there as well...not a thing....came back up through Deep Bottom again to see if we marked anything around noon...still nothing...went back up to fish another point near the 295 bridge where we marked a couple of fish but no luck there...finally around 2pm we went up to Dutch Gap...saw one boat leaving there but it was much cleaner water at this time and the tide was coming back in... marked a few fish in 30-35 feet of water and sat there a while...missed one hit, took the bait.... about 10 minutes later, hooked a real nice one, got him up in the boat measured out at 36 pounds and 44 inches long.. nice fish...tried a while longer and marked some more nice fish up in there but it was getting late and a barge was coming through so we packed up and went in around 5.... VERY COLD day, but that 36 pounder made it worth the while.... Hope this helps...ya'll enjoy your time out tomorrow and best of luck to you...the bait was heavy in the dutch gap area in the creek leading around the park before the 295 bridge that leads to behind the power plant...the guy that gave us our bait had a 200 foot gill net. caught a ton of big shad in the 14" range and even a striper or two in there...let me know how ya'll do!
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    I haven't gone lately but we sure do appreciate the update!!Glad it was "so eeasy" to catch bait and you didn"t get skunked.