Sat July 15 James River

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  1. reddcat

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    Launched out of Deep Bottom at 5;30 on Sat. with afriend , Steve and his cousin, Tommy from West Va.
    Bait was easy at the gravel pit.
    Fished two holes early and the play boaters really rocked our world . But as it got later they went home and we went to a old favorite location,dropped in about 8;30 and at 900 we had a strong pulldown. Tommy hoked with a nice 51.5 Blue Cat. his P.B. improved by 30 lbs.
    we picked a few small fish and at 10;00 another good pull down. I picked it up a landed a 48.8 Blue cat.
    It was a pretty night and we caught fish, Thats what I'm talking about!!!

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  2. riverdawg-1

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    salem, va
    Nice blues! Glad you guys had a good night!

  3. Rickjr

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    Great job Bruce..I also was out there for a couple hours..... alot of boats, looked like a little city at jones cut:smile2:caught a few small ones...had great luck catching big shad for bait..used eels too and had some good pickups:0a23:..cant wait to do it again
  4. JPritch

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    Lynchburg, VA
    I was out there Friday night until about 7am Sat. Alot quieter than what you guys describe. Wish I could give a good report though. Tried alot of spots. Marked a TON of fish at the end of Presquille cut through in the 60ft hole there, but they were all 2-3 lbs. They would bite as soon as the bait would get down there. On the positive side, I tried out my gill net and I'm in love with it.

    That's five weeks in a row trailering my boat down there, and the biggest I've caught is just under 13lbs. Is winter here yet? I'm a glutton for punishment so I'll be back this weekend! Nah, it's still fishing, so it beats just about anything else I could be doing on the weekend. Just wish I didn't live so far away.