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    I like eating sardines, when i was in college i lived on them, kitkat bars and drpepper. I still enjoy a can ever once and a while, Packed in oil, mustard, tomato sauce, and now a new flavor texas hot sauce. Ok some you may say yuck, well there nothing like the taste of sardines on crackers or some good french bread, My wife does not much like me eating them, she says i smell like a cat that just ate a can of cat food. I like most stuff anything smoked, I grew up eating herring, smoked, dried, pickled, and a few ways which i can not describe.I also us to eat american shad and hickory shad every spring when the run was on. I love shad roe fried in butter, My grandmother use to make a dish using slated cod, she would soak it for a day or so to get the salt out and bread it and fry it up, She was right off the boat form italy, I have never since had anything as good or unique. back to sardines, my wife always keep me well stocked with them, there are several brands out there, I like the spanish sardines best. There a little bigger and firm. You may have seen them there packed in a can shape like a football. Most are packed in a rectangle can. I have had fresh sardines and forzen ones, Just not the same, I did come across a greek restraunt that made fresh sardines that were to die for, You just need to get past the heads and tiny little eyes staring back at you. Most places i use to get fresh made fish alway had there heads on it, There was one place i use to go to when i was younger that had live trout and they cooked the way you wanted, yea with a head on and eyes staring back at me, i just wanted to share this, enjoy and open a can on me. jeff
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    I enjoy them myself also. Anchovies on pizza or just a can of anchovies or sardines, never tried herring. Smoked clams and oysters also do the trick. The oil is a good chum, dual purpose food. Thanks. :big_smile:

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    This should be moved to the BOC diner! lol

    I have to respond. I love them too. I guess I started with mustard, but love them all now. I keep a can or two in my fishing gear at the ready. I like them with the hot sauce, but whats even better with hot sauce is smoked oysters. Anchovies on pizza for sure. Did you guys ever have Blind Robbin? Great stuff but it stinks to high heaven if your not the one eating it! lol. Pickled herring in wine sauce is to die for. One of my families traditions, which is down to only my Uncle and I now is salt Mackerel with fried potatoes and boiled eggs sliced on top for breakfast. Now that is good!:big_smile:
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    you guys have some serious problems.. haha