Santee this Sunday

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  1. Chalk

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    Union, South Carolina
    Well I'm finally going to get to go to Santee this Sunday and fish, but the weather report is calling for 8 to 10mph Sunday and Monday. How bad will that make the lake down there? I have a 14ft Duracraft but after last weekends thriller on Monty with the wind I am a little gun shy. I hate to pull that little boat of mine all the way to Canal Lakes and not get to use it so what do you guys think? Take it or fish from the bank?
  2. turkeyman

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    South Carolina, Swansea
    The rule of thumb I have always heard and gone by is 10mph and below for big water and a small boat. I would opt for taking the boat. If it turns out to be too windy for big water you could always take the kinda short drive up to low falls landing and fish the river or flats. Good Luck. :big_smile:

  3. BigBird

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    Charlotte, NC
    With my older smaller boat, I would stay in the canal when windy. Doenst usually get bad unless wind is blowing directly up the gut.
    You can always take the road behind harrys to wilsons landing and fish the river below the lake marion dam at night.
  4. seaark

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    North Carolina
    10 mph winds might make it a little rough for you, but I would still take the boat. I just came back Sunday and the flatheads wore me out in the canal. Caught them off gizzard, threadfin shad and white perch on the channel drop offs and the hump below the bridge. Also caught a few blues in next to the bank.
  5. catfish_express

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    i fish the lakes on a regular basis in a 17 ft tracker and i wonder the same thing is it gonna be rough and a waisted trip the answer is yes . i would stay in the canal at night but if its windy at blacks go to harrys end and is ussually a lot calmer down there or vice verca .try the mouth in front of blacks as far out as you feel safe you should have some luck. maybe ill see ya out there. good luck