Santee Shallow Water Blast

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    Well, All of you want the time of your life catfishing?? It's here. Now before you get to happy you probably going to have to spend some money. BOOO HOOO! You will need heavy action rods, and outfits. Put 60# test line on and tighten the drags down to where no line will pull off the reels. Get you some 10/0 hooks take a file and sharpen them till they will stick you if it barely touches you. Put some GOOD rod holders on your boat, 3 good anchors. Once you have done this here how to have the most fun of your life catfishing.
    The cats have gone shallow preparing for the spawn! You need to find the shallow waters and then find the creek beds that run into the shallows. I am talking fishing 5 foot of water or less. I have caught 80 lb fish in 3 feet of water. if you have a trolling motor now is the time to use it. These fish have just gone shallow so they are EXTREMELY spooky! Ease into the creek beds going into the shallows anchoring in the creek bed casting your baits all around the creek bed and outside of it as far away from the boat as you can. Set for 30 minutes and move 100 yards and do it again. Don't be scared to anchor in 4 feet and cast all around you. When they hit you better be fast, and tough. It is not a weak persons game. I have 9 rods in the water from people having to drop my rods to stay in the boat. Get ready to get wet, because you have to wench these fish to the boat as fast as you can, once it's there because of fast fighting they will throw water all over you.