Santee River - Nothing happening,

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    hi,to all. I went yesterday to Wilson's landing on Santee river. fished for shad and crappy. no luck. to start with, the river was so low I kept hitting the bottom with the motor. spots are less than 1 feet deep. I talked with people that had been there since daybreak. nothing biting was the same old reply from all but one. he had one shad. has anyone been to little pee dee lately. are the brem and red brest starting to bite yet.
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    Andrews, SC
    Steve, the next time you go for shad, you may want to try Arrowhead landing below the rediversion dam. Haven't had time to go, but I keep hearing reports that folks are catching the shad and herring. The bream should be biting some now, also. Saw a guy fishing on Pee Dee yesterday, below 701 in the ricefields and he had a few. Good luck!