Santee Fun!!!!!

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    Lake Green
    Ol Pop Pop spent a few days with the Roundhill and we had blast.:big_smile: On Thursday the plan was to night fish for the big boys since we were experiencing a 108 degree heat index:crazy:. But major storm fronts moved thru.:crazy:
    On Fri we hit the Moultrie and ended with 20 nice fat chunky blues:big_smile:. Smackdown Roundhill style!!!!!
    As an added treat Capt. Jim ( jk888 ) and his wife invited us over for supper and it was outstanding:big_smile:. Since this whole trip was a special invite for me, I felt honored to share in the brotherhood that these fine people shared with me:big_smile:. Roundhill, Jim and his wife are some of the best people you could hope to ever meet.
    Roundhill and I had lots of fun joking around and plenty of laughs. Just 2 fat boys having a good time.:smile2: He shared lots of Santee knowledge and I was glad to learn some things from Santee's Top Guide. I'm looking forward to the gathering in Sept. to see them again and have some more fun.:wink: Thanks brothers.
    Pop Pop
  2. WylieCat

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    Awesome report!

    Fishing with Roundhill has got to be an adventure!! I think an inexperienced Santee fisherman like myself could learn a lot fishing out there with him. :wink:

  3. jayjay101

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    narth carolina
    sounds like alot of fun . will be down next thurday 8/14 hope to have as much fun as you boy. :big_smile:will have roundhill as guide. staying at harrys. mebe ill see some you boys . any place i we can fish fron the bank? where can i get bait.
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    Great trip I am sure. It was good to talk to you on the phone the other night Pop Pop. I cant wait till Sept either and get to hang out with yall.
  5. brother hilljack

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    Sounds like some good times. Thanks for updating us on the trip and good luck in the future
  6. JimmyJonny

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    Ah..I was waiting for the smack down report ; ) Sounds like you folks had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing the report Doug.

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    we had some big storms on two nights that left us with no power we weer popping a few tops an you could see good enough to fix drinks an such whith the glow of lightning off pop pops head:smile2: we had a great time an enjoyed this fishing trip as one of my best if you get a chance to fish with pop pop you will see what i mean your wecome any time pop pop see you soon the roundhill