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    I am going to Santee the end of Sept with my son, dad and brother. We are staying on the pier cabins at the State Park. Looking for any info we can find. This will be our first trip. Any info would be appreciated.
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    there is good fishing to be had there. We fish with herring and shad and have a ball down there. We put the the boat in at Jack's creek Marina and head straight out staying close to the right bank and follow it around until you see a couple of house boats back in a cove. that cove has had some good fish in it, go past the house boat/floating fish shacks. If not biting there head back out to the main water and go down to Coca-Cola slew its about four coves down from the floating fish shacks. try to locate the channel in it and fish the drop off for the channel. that slew runs back a ways we have gone all the way up to the sharp right hand turn but not past there. Drifting that area would be a great way to get into some fish. I hope this helps you some, good luck

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    Southern Pines, NC
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    Will you be fishing from the bank, carrying a boat or looking for a guide? My son and I fished with a guide down there last weekend. We didn't catch great numbers but caught some nice fish. My son landed the blue in my avatar, 29 lbs. PM me if you would like guide info.