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    went to santee cooper on friday. put in at jon c land III. and i tell you there are some sorry people in this world someone had put out 3 small pups and 3 cats right there at the landing... well lets get back on subject.. we only caught 1 8 lb 9 oz blue cat right about a mile from randolphs landing.. we mostly went to try out the new xpress boat. it is 18 feet and has a 90 4 stroke. it is a great boat handeled those eairley morning high waves like a champ went over to randolphs bout lunch time and ate at the diner. pretty good and cheap also.... well just thought i would tell yall about the trip..
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    Sounds like fun... Some days ya bust'em and some days you don't.

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    The lower lake this time of year is your best bet on big fish.The area between Russelville & Bonneau is especially hot this time of year.