Santee Cooper Survey, help me out please!

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    I have a few questions for people who fish the Santee-Cooper lakes that will help me with my economics essay. Please Don't respond to this survey if you haven't fished the Santee-Cooper lakes at least once a year for the past 10 years.

    Has your fishing success rate for blue catfish declined or improved over the past 10 yearso on the Santee-Cooper Lakes?

    Has your fishing success rate for blue catfish over 30lbs improved or declined over the past 10 years?

    Would you say that you fish the santee cooper lakes less than, the same as, or more so than you did 10 years ago?

    If anybody on here can answer these questions for me, I would greatly appreciate it. and thanks for your time!
  2. Dragger

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    North Carolina
    Trey, santee cooper survey answers...........1 improved.........2 improved........3 same as..........

  3. roundhill

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    kings mtn
    same as dragger improved improved more i dont think you can catch all the big fish out they grow all the time we need more of the small ones took out or they will over populate so i help out all i can yum yum.
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    :wink: Trey I have kept pretty accurate records for the last 10 years or so.In my experience catching blues has remained about the same,over 30s has declined particularly on the lower lake,I fish the lakes about the same amount each year and fish with guides at least six times a year.In their opinion the big fish have declined significantly which is why they were all behind the one fish limit submitted to the legislature last year.I think we are rapidly reaching a situation that the chief biologist said we would 7 years ago when I talked to him.As the big fish are removed the smaller fish fill the gap.There will always be plenty of catfish in Santee,how many trophys remains to be seen.As a side note I would say that the flathead population is expanding.Some of my guide friends also agree with this particularly on the lower lake.It is quite common now to catch flatheads while drifting Moultrie,where as the first five years I fished there I didn't catch one.If I were a biologist and had the power I would put a 15 fish limit under 10 lbs and 1 fish over 30 limit on the lakes.As previously said everyone pretty much agrees that lots of the smaller fish need to be caught and removed.Hope this helps and again this isn't scientific but I hope it helps.::big_smile:
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    1 improved 2 improved 3 more. This is a result in more experience and knowledge as time goes on and I think that would be alot of peoples situation.