Santee Cooper river? - What kinda tackle, bait,

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by bigtimingcats69, Mar 17, 2006.

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    Im going to santee this summer and i was wondering what kind of bait and tackle will be needed. I do a lot of flathead catfishing in Danville Virginia and im never caught a blue catfish so im not familiar with catching them. Please post any pics of fish you may have caught at santee. I was wondering if you can catch flatheads just as readily as blues in santee?
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    When you open the basic page scroll down through the forums and you will see the "State" area.Open South Carolina, then open lakes and reservoirs and you will find tons of info on Santee,just as you will find tons of info on catching Blues in the forum Deerhunter refered you to_Once you have absorbed all that then we the 'BOC' members are here to address Specific questions you may have.Regarding flatheads at Santee,yes you can catch them regularly although I would say far more blues and channels are caught.Flats become active in Mar-April depending on weather and water temp,but some are caught year round.They orient along the river channels of Lake Marion and in the canal,although we are starting to catch more and more of them in the lower lake while drifting for blues.Many large flatheads are caught every year and the State record is 70+ and was broken twice in the past 5 years in the canal.Probably the most popular bait is White Perch or brim.:)That is a Santee blue of modest size in my picture.

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    If you are bringing a boat, bring an extra prop.
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    Which river Santee or Cooper?