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    Hey guys, I'm writing a paper for my wildlife economics class on the santee cooper lakes situation, in regards to the catfishing industry. The professor I'm writing my essay for is going to advise my senior year research project next year and I think he's going to be on board with me doing it on this same situation. I'm hopeing to gather enough information and come up with something to present that might lead to some changes. If i get to do my senior year research on it i'll be surveying all the Santee guides and commercial trotliners and really getting some good information. I haven't gotten started on my paper yet, but after thinking about the situation, what I don't understand is why we can't get catfish recognized as game fish. At the very least just for the santee cooper lakes. Considering the money injected to the local economies from the sport of catfishing, how can they not be considered game fish. They are by far the most economically important fish in these lakes. And when it comes to sport fishing, at these lakes, the catfish are at the top of the list. So why not protect them in the same way we do all other game/sport fish????
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    I agree with you 100% Problem is due to legislators and mostly sportsmen like us. If you want change you have to do something about it, not just talk about it. Course all I do is write my congressmen every year telling them how strongly I feel on this issue as well as others. Ive done this every year since I could vote.

    I think we will have to have more publicity and activity on the issue before anything is done. A few people writing their legislators is not going to change this, but it has to help a little.

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    You need to visit The Santee Cooper Cats message boards at
    There are several members of Santee Cooper Country Guides Assoc on there
    and are active with the Committee for Preservation of Lake Marion and Lake