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  1. iluvfshn

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    :big_smile:Just wandering where to fish this time of year at santee. we are going down Sunday-Thursday we usually go every year after christmas. Drifted at pinipolis last year and did well but no big fish. Just wandering if anyone has any info to share. I was also wandering about the lake level this year and where to catch bait. All help will be appreciated.
  2. Capt. Darryl Smith

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    Warm waters are giving some people a hard time. I want to let you know when waters are warming some fish will go shallow. But I have found from years past the majority of the fish will stage on the sides of the hills instead of on top or into the shallows. Use your graph to locate fish that are active. Some times you need to look at several pods of fish before you find the active fish. We are still doing good at Santee Cooper this way.