Santee Cooper closing several boat ramps

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    We already know, but according to a statement from Santee Cooper, using some of the boat ramps could be dangerous due to current low lake levels.

    Santee Cooper is temporarily closing six of its 21 public boat ramps on lakes Marion and Moultrie effective September 20. They will remain closed until lake levels rise enough to allow for safe use of the ramps. Note that this is public ramps, and not the ones at fish camps and campgrounds. They may also be unuseable, so check ahead of time if you're coming down.

    The utility has placed 10 other boat ramps on "launch at your own risk" status. All 21 Santee Cooper-owned and operated boat ramps will be evaluated weekly to determine safe usage at each, and that updated list will be maintained at

    The lakes are about four feet below what Santee Cooper considers the ideal level for September.

    The Lake Moultrie boat ramps closing temporarily are General Moultrie Landing, Thornley Forest Landing, Russellville Landing and White Point Beach Landing, all in Berkeley County. The Lake Marion ramps affected are Eutaw Springs Landing, in Orangeburg County, and Sparkleberry Landing, in Sumter County.

    Boat ramps on cautionary status include Hatchery Landing, West Dike Landing and Richardson Landing, all on Moultrie, and Lake Marion's Low Falls Landing, Calhoun Landing, Cathead Landing, Rimini Landing, Borrow Pit Landing, Alex Harvin Landing and White Oak III Landing.

    "Santee Cooper is doing everything we can to maintain lake levels. We have not run our hydroelectric units at St. Stephen since the middle of June, even though we could have used that power to get through the heat of August," said Dave Evans, director of property management for Santee Cooper. "But the river inflows are so low that they are not keeping up with natural evaporation and our federally required discharges, and so our lakes have continued to drop through September. We will review water levels at each ramp site weekly and reopen them as soon as we can."

    Evans said that additional ramps could be closed if the water levels continue to drop and urged boaters to check ramp status at the utility website.

    According to a release, Santee Cooper is obligated to make certain discharges from the lakes. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' contract requires a minimum discharge of water from the Jefferies Hydroelectric Station into the Tailrace Canal to help prevent saltwater intrusion. Additionally, the utility's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license requires a minimum discharge of water from Santee Cooper's Spillway unit into the Santee River.

    Check daily inflows and lake levels by calling 1-800-92LAKES.
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    Thanks Tommy. With the water in Broad River as low as it is I don't see it getting any better until we have some major rains come through. The three inches of rain that the mountain saw last week help the upper reaches of the Broad River. The finally have the area behind the Gaston Shoals/Dravo Dams up to full pool but the other two dams the water is still low. The area around Greenville County SC where the Saluda River starts is still in great need of rain. Since the Saluda and Broad Rivers form the Conagree River which is the main source of water for Both Santee lakes its not looking to good.