Santee Canal Report 5-24-08

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  1. screamnclickersc

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    We fished the canal from 8:45 to 3am Friday night-caught 17 fish.Caught 2 flatheads 15 & 32 lbs,the rest were Blues.8 of the blues were in the 20-27 lb range.The 36" rule was applied(they were 4 people on the boat). Bait of choice was cut perch in 5'-8.5' deep water.

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  2. CarolinaRig

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    South Carolina
    Thats a good mess of fish!!!
    I cant wait to get back down there and get some for the fryer!!

  3. buster1395

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    Abbeville, Sout
    Could you give me an idea of where you fished at in the canal? I'll be here until Tuesday staying at Blacks.
  4. rivercatsc

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    South Caro
    Looks like had the prime spot there Jimmy. Yall must have been wore out.
  5. pop pop

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    Lake Green
    Congrats on the great catch. Days like that aint nothing but fun.
  6. Foxhound

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    Fished Sat night and caught 7 fish out in front of flathead around 20 lbs and the rest were blues between 10 - 20 lbs. All were caught on live bream........not even a bite on cut bait. Got back to the dock around 1 am, tied up and called it a night. Got up around 8 am only to find out five rods were stolen out of my brothers boat tied up two boats down from mine. Three of the rods were mine and two his All were 7000 series ABUs with tiger about putting a damper on things. Never had a problem there ever untill now....talked to the police and they said boat theft as well as stuff stolen from boats in the area was on a big rise and they were being called out to the area on a regular basis.
  7. Gomer

    Gomer New Member

    WOW!!! Sorry to hear about your loss Ken. That's why I normaly put in at shortstay at least they have a security patrol on duty, but snatch and grab can happen anywhere and anytime Especally the way gas and grocerys are now. But sounds like you caught a few for dinner
  8. flatheadhunterx

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    South Carolina
    sorry to hear about that foxhound, I have been tempted to leave my stuff on the boat down there before along with everyone else but just couldnt do it. theres got to be someone every where you go that ruins a trip. makes you want to sit up and bait a trap one night to catch the sorry rat.
  9. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    That is an exceptional day fishing. Great job and good luck in the future.
  10. bearfrog1

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    Mount Pleasant,
    I'm sorry to hear that as well. It is sad people will do that. I have always erred on the side of caution and brought my gear inside when I fish anywhere. It is alot more work moving rods, tackle box fishfinder ect but to me I would have trouble coming up with the $$$ to replace.
    I wish the best for you and know that KARMA does bite those who take. Whether that gives you peace or not...
  11. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    Damn Ken,I hate thieving S.O.Bs like that.Thats why I never stay there, mainly because of the limited space to tie a boat up, but being close to the road anybody can stop in and help themselves.Even at Harrys, where I have never lost a thing I secure my stuff.I know its a pain at 3 am but unfortunately with the rising cost of gas, theft is on the rise.Speaking of gas it cost me 200$ just for gas to go from here to Santee.Truck gets 10mpg pulling the boat and it is 246 miles one way.Not sure how many can stand that kind of pain but it didnt seem to be hurting business as Harrys was plumb full!The fish seemed to be trying to make up for it however.Caught a number of nice blues in the 10 -20 range plus 3 flatheads.20-27- and my PB a 50 and change.Missed two other very good flathead bites.All the flats caught took chunks of fresh cut shad.The two missed hits were on live white perch!!!! Go figure.Ned had some beautiful shad for bait which I cant resist and he also had herring but they were rather small and he was sold out of it by Sat evening.Did meet up with Ken and family Sat morning although nobody else showed up at Canal Lakes for breakfast.For some reason I had a hard time catching numbers of white perch this time but rounded up enough to fish with.Weather was beautiful and I cant think of anything better than sitting out under the stars with a light breeze blowing on Santee.The big flat had me bent over the side of the bow with my toes digging into the boat.Almost jerked me over the side at one point as I was trying to keep him out from under the boat.Its moments like that when you realize 80lb braid aint really that big at all!!!!:smile2::big_smile::wink:In fact it looks like 2lb test :tounge_out::crazy:All fish went back but it took all me and my female partner could do to get the big flat in the boat.She graciously awoke from her beauty sleep to assist me by fetching and doing the netting.Let me tell you about relationships.They all have their ups and downs but the critical moment in any of them is when you have a monster at the surface and she is wielding the net.SHe did a great job ,,,,Fortunately for her, as it is a long walk back from the middle of Marion!!!!:big_smile::smile2:The lake is about 1 foot below full pool,the fish are biting,and the weather is great.GO FISHING.I think there may have been BOC members at HARRYS but we need a universal symbol so we can recognize each other or a secret handshake.:wink: