Sangging at the Miami Dam in Oklahoma

Discussion in 'LOCAL OKLAHOMA TALK' started by Tulcat, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Tulcat

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    Well last Sunday I drove through Miami and the early running males (usually around a 20# fish) were starting to cross the dam. I just spoke to the owner of the bait shop in Miami, and he told me while there was not really enough water to get things going crazy yet, there were starting to see some females being landed in the 60-70# range.

    So, my guess is the Miami Dam might be the spot to be snagging this weekend in OK. It was this weekend last year (2nd one in April) when we boated 1000 #s of fish in about 6 hours at the dam.

    If you plan on going arrive early, as the snaggers will be elbow to elbow on the banks if the big fish are running.
  2. Salmonid

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    SW Ohio
    Heck with numbers and sizes like that, I might have to drive over from Ohio to get in on that piece of action, ( just kidding) Posting info like that, its No wonder its Elbow to Elbow ;)

    Good luck and stay safe!


  3. Tulcat

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    The paddlefish fishery of Grand Lake is known as one of the very finest, and with how things are stacking up this weekend will be an example of why. We'll be putting in about 5:30 AM or so to stake our spot.
  4. Tulcat

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    Well I stopped by the Miami Dam and bait shop on my way to KS, and it seems in the last 12 hours or so the water has slowed down and as can be predicted slowed the spoonie fishing down at Miami. So I think once again I am putting in at Twin Bridges, and am going to check the down lake bluffs first.