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  1. slikk03

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    any bodey know how to get to the sunken cemetary in sangcriss
  2. Duckpoor

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    There are two that I am aware of .
    Neither are Sunken , actually they were Raised when the lake was built.
    From the EAST Boat dock head south along the East side of the lake . Watch for Blind stakes.
    Find # "One"stake North and South and Start looking.
    Right before North stake of Two You will see Rip Raff on apoint.
    Thats him.

    From the East Dock
    Head for open water and as soon as you can see across the lake
    Head for the Big cove on the West bank.
    It is Riprapped also but the Russian Olive have obscured any evidence of anything on the little Pennisula.

    Both seem to have a Barrow around them and can produce good fish.
    Back in the "slot bass" days they were a fav place to let those Boys drag something beside Bluegill into the boat.. The 12-13" bass were so numerous they made it easy to learn and some fine shore lunch at the old campground.

    R Green