Sangchris water temp.

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  1. Cat Man Joe

    Cat Man Joe New Member

    Just wondering if anyone that fishes Sanchris regularly has a good idea of what the water temp. is right now. Any help sure would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. fishnfwl

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    South Cent
    Or the water level? Joe took a ride over to Coffeen today, :crazy: Scary low, water was still running 80's so if the plant is still running up there probably close, any way it won't matter, and been checking the river levels with ALL, the rain :wink: it maybe tough but we may just head that dircetion with it, I just know the flaties up along the dam at Sang, should be gettin on the feed bag about now or real soon, and it is alway good to do a bit of drifting along it, just as long as they don't mind some fresh frozen shad....:eek:oooh:

  3. nitronostrils

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    I went over there yesterday, too lazy to drive to Clinton. Water levels were incredibly low and as always reeled in a couple one pounders. Sometimes I wonder if that's all that is in there....small cats. Water was cool from the shore. Game Warden was working hard like usual.