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sand sharks

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who know how to cook them? or clean them cause me and cliffy seen some guys slaying them at the oceanside peir last night and they looked like they where having a blast. we seen at least ten of them caught that were probally 20 lbs at least. i might considers fishing for them when i cant get up to the good lakes.

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I think hamburgers would be a lot better than sand sharks, but if you put enough garlic on a shoe you can eat it. I been running a sport boat and managing this landing for years and never knew the things were any good to eat.
the people that where catching them where only keeping the tails. i heard somthing about smoking them.?????????????/
Drew If you bleed them like a big cat then they are good on a grill. But what they were most likely catching was sharp nose sharks. The belly meat is strong and I would not eat that part but if you filet them out like a catfish and cut the “Rib” part out you will have some good filets and good eating. I like to grill mine but they are great baked also just cook them like a catfish.
they were guitarfish, anybody know what to use for these things?
Never fished for them or seen one live. I would think they feed on crab or squid.
"sand shark" definition;

Jim laying on the beach :D
Figure out why they were keeping only the tails?
Thats got me puzzled.
Id just catch em for the sport an dlet em go.
20+ pounds, those things got some power.

Should be a helluva battle....

Just CPR em :cool:
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