San Joaquin River

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    Hey guys just started fishing the san joaquin river and am seeing alot of fish but sure not catching alot lol How do you river fish? the water is 2 to 3 feet deep and im seeing bass swim by the canoe along with a couple in the 7# to 8# range and huge carp I wouldn mind fishing them either so how abouts do you river fish? lol Or has anyone fished this area themselves
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    I know we talked about this already, but corn works good for carp. Just slide as many kernels up the hook as you can. If you catch one be prepared for a good fight. Maybe try some lures or plastics for bass. I've even caught catfish fishing with plastic worms before. For the cats probably stick to cutbait, stinkbait, or live bait.

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    Nightcat.... since you are fishing the shallow parts of the river, Id use some "in-line spinners" for bass... try to find some outside bends of the river to find some "undercut banks" for the cats, but then go to mackeral for bait...

    I dont believe that I have fished south on the San J where you are fishing, as most of my fishing on the river is to the north and east of where the 580 and 5 fork off and 5 goes to Tracey....

    From my experience, you need to be fishing up the river, and casting up and letting the spinner travel down the river and then retrieve back to the canoe...could even use a Rapala "fat rap" (floater" and do the same with this lure....Sure is a "rush" to see a bass explode on a "poper" which can be floated over holes holding fish....

    Have fun....Bayrunner Ray
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    Hmmm not to sure about that Captain I have never found merc in the San Joaquin river while gold prospecting ( and I have done a lot there in the last 2 years up and down from Millerton) usually if a river is tainted it will be on the gold since merc attach's to gold easier then just about anything I have never seen a single piece of gold with merc on it.

    Wvawitrado rubber worms work best when the bass are bedding or live minnows is usually a good bet.