San Joaquin River, Memorial weekend!

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    Fished close to home with my dad this weekend. We started out friday before the crowd,s hit the river. It was really windy, in the 25 to 30 mph with gust's even more! There were a few fisherman on the water. We stopped at grimes road for a bit, but the current was so strong it was bringing 4oz right to the bank. We decided to try whiskey slough next. My favorite spot was taken by the bacon island bridge. I drove on around to the little boat ramp and tried for panfish. Caught a few bait size perch, but released them. We tried for cats in a few spots, but there was a lot of vegitation fouling our lines. We packed up and followed whisky slough road on around and headed down Mc Donald road to windmill cove. We caught half a dozzen small cats to around 12 inches and a couple about 16 inches which we kept. I am pretty sure I missed a bunch because of attending to dad or just not paying attention. It was still a nice peaceful day. I called Bert a couple of times to find out they were knocking them dead in Lodi! We decided to stay close to home in local water and only brought home the two pan size ones. We went back out sunday and the river was packed with every kind of floating device from 8 to 80 feet! My spot was taken so we tried another less desireable one. Dad caught one fish which kept getting washed back on the rocks from the wakeboarders. I got one pole bender that spit the bait out! It was still a nice day and it's always nice to spend time fishing with dad. We listen to some Billie Holiday and the way back and my dad was singing along. Pretty cool!:big_smile:

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    Hey Phil we had the same type of trip. We went out Friday night over to grimes to try and hide under some trees because it was so windy. No luck current was really strong we had 6 oz weights and we kept getting dragged around till we got snagged. We tried bacon island and whiskey slough not luck really windy. We ended up making a trip over to Rock slough we ended up getting a few small cats and a couple of undersized stripers. Still a little cramped up from spending all that time in the truck.