San Diego Fishing Report When Not Catfishing

Discussion in 'Pond Fishing' started by ksaechao, Mar 30, 2011.

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    so today got to the pier around noon again. fished about an hour and then went to work early. well started the day off by throwing jerk bait around trying for halibut. wanted to test the new reels i picked up the other day. jigged for about 15 minutes and then went to go get my smokes out and saw a bunch of bait fish and some type of fish chasing them. threw my jerkbait towards then and nothing. changed over to the crocodile lure and on the first cast on.. pulled the fish to the pier and saw that it was a barracuda. got him to the pier and measured about 22inch. CPR and back it went. fished with the croc for a bit then went back to jerkbait for halibut. on the 3 cast and a couple of jigging wham get slammed hard. first thing came to mind was keeper halibut. this fished keep running down and deeper everytime i got him up. finally about 8 minutes i see the fish and was like damn didnt think barracuda would hit jerkbaits. haha. well measured that one and it was about 22 inch also. after that i packed it up and called it a day. the weather was perfect and the tide was going out. sorry guys dont have any pictures. sent some to glen but dont know how to upload them here from a phone. maybe go pick up a camera tommorrow since the wife took mine. until tomorrow keep fishing brothers
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    fresno ca
    IMG_0782.jpg IMG_0781.jpg i always like to let you post you pics but sence you cant here you go

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    South Gate, Cal
    Right on Kao, WTG. Catching a couple of berries is a good sign of things to come.
    Can't wait for the berries and yellowtail to start bitting.

    P.S. Thanks Glen.

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    That right there makes some good bait for the delta bro
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