Sam's Bluegill Trap

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  1. Sparky Larson

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    Marlette Michigan
    Attention BOC members! I just wanted to share some information about catching bait. This site has some information in the library that is awsome.
    I looked up bluegill trap and came up with something every fisherman should have. SAM'S BLUEGILL TRAP! For about Ten dollars and 4 hrs of your time you can put together one of these traps and if you take care of it, it will last you for years.
    I started at 10:00am and by 2:00pm it was in a pond down the street. 15min. later, I had two dozen gills a lot of really small one, but had 7 that were about 6 to 7 inches. I took it down to a friends house who had a pond and through it in. 5 min. later I had about 3 doz. 1 1/2 to 2 in gills. Needless to say he was pretty impressed.
    I'm sure if you leave this thing in overnight, you will get all the big ones you would want.
    Guys, you got make one of these things. They are unbelievable!!!!
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    Thanks for the heads-up.