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Hey there fellow fishermen !
I’m a grandad from the Delaware Bay shores. I grew up fishing mostly salt and brackish water. Me and the wife moved down here ( Aberdeen, NC ) to be with the grand kids, and help out while deployment(s) happen while stationed here. Unfortunately , I had to sell my 18’ 40 hp tiller when we moved down here.
I’d love to catch a huge flathead of blue cat, but I have to do it from shore. I still have a throw net for bait, and my striper rods for big cats.
I need to learn some spots to go. I fish all year, I’m 65 and I’m just starting to learn the area. Let me know if you can help find me some deep water for them winter cats! I can get some distance with a few surf rods I have, if need be…
It’s nice to be here. Thanks.
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