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Hey there fellow fishermen !
I’m a grandad from the Delaware Bay shores. I grew up fishing mostly salt and brackish water. Me and the wife moved down here ( Aberdeen, NC ) to be with the grand kids, and help out while deployment(s) happen while stationed here. Unfortunately , I had to sell my 18’ 40 hp tiller when we moved down here.
I’d love to catch a huge flathead of blue cat, but I have to do it from shore. I still have a throw net for bait, and my striper rods for big cats.
I need to learn some spots to go. I fish all year, I’m 65 and I’m just starting to learn the area. Let me know if you can help find me some deep water for them winter cats! I can get some distance with a few surf rods I have, if need be…
It’s nice to be here. Thanks.

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Bill, in OkC
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Welcome aboard from Oklahoma, Pop.
There's all kinds of information and knowledge floating around here on the board.
And, if you can't find what you're looking for, don't be afraid to ask... somebody (probably several people) will throw their two cents in.
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